Linking Words for IELTS Essays

In the IELTS writing test, it’s essential to organise your essay well. When we’re writing essays, we use certain words to help guide the reader.

1. I would argue that

“I would argue that” is a great way to introduce your opinion.

I would argue that university education should be free for all students”.

2. Firstly

“Firstly” is a clear way to introduce your first idea. 

Firstly, free tuition would encourage more young people to go to university”.

3. In addition

“In addition” is a great way to introduce your second idea. 

In addition, free tuition would mean that students had more money to spend on food and accommodation”.

4. Furthermore

“Furthermore” is a great way to introduce additional ideas. 

Furthermore, free university education would mean that more people can conduct research and development”.

5. Finally

“Finally” is very useful as it shows the examiner that this is your last idea. 

Finally, free university tuition will encourage top international students from around the world”.

Using these linking words will help you to get a high score in your IELTS writing test.

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