5 Phrases for Double Question Essays

In IELTS Writing, there are five question types: Agree/Disagree Questions, Advantage/ Disadvantage Questions, Discussion Questions, Double Questions, and Direct Questions.

Double questions are when you get asked to do two things:

Many people try to accomplish a healthy work-life balance, but very few achieve it.

1. What problems stop people from achieving a work-life balance?

2. How can these problems be overcome?

1. Issues

Instead of constantly writing “problems” throughout our essay, we can use the synonym “issues”.

“There are a number of issues that prevent us from achieving a healthy work-life balance”.

2. Face problems

Instead of writing “have problems” we can use the collocation “face problems”.

“People face several problems when trying to improve their work-life balance”.

3. Overcome a problem

Instead of writing “solve a problem” we can write “overcome a problem”. 

“These problems can be overcome by improving our time management skills”

4. Alleviate an issue

Another alternative to “solve a problem” is to use “alleviate an issue”.

“To alleviate the issue of constantly thinking about work, I would recommend trying mindfulness techniques such as meditation”.

5. Advocate

Instead of writing “recommend” again and again we can use the word “advocate”.

“I would advocate practicing mindfulness techniques such as meditation”.



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