Be Faster in IELTS Writing!

The IELTS Writing Test is a race against time. A lot of people get a lower score because they can’t finish in time.  You only have one hour to write two tasks: letter/report + essay

Top 3 tips for time management:

  1. Do the computer based IELTS test.
    • This way, you can easily edit and delete text.
    • There is no automatic spell check so give yourself at least 4 minutes to proofread your work.

  1. Know which structure you are going to use for each of the 5 different types of essays: 

    • agree/disagree questions
    • advantage/disadvantage questions
    • discussion questions
    • double questions
    • direct questions

      For example, below is the most basic structure for agree/disagree essays.  In this structure, you simply agree or disagree and then explain the 2 reasons for why you agree/disagree:

      • Introduction: introduce the topic and respond to the question (give opinion)
      • Paragraph 1: reason 1 why you agree/disagree
      • Paragraph 2: reason 2 why you agree/disagree
      • Conclusion: restate you opinion

The IELTS Task 2 Writing Course will walk you through all the different structures you can use.

  1. Read model essays and write a lot of practice essays!

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