Russian Band 8 Speaking Test

5 Tips

Tip 1– elaborate on your ideas. You can use the REE method.
R= respond
E= elaborate
E= example
Tip 2– use idiomatic language
Maxim uses “early bird”, “cup of tea”, “crew”, etc.
Tip 3– relax and be confident. Make eye contact with the examiner. Maxim comes across as being very confident.
Tip 4– tell a story in part 2. Telling a story is a good way to speak for the full 2 minutes. Stories typically have 3 parts.
Beginning- set the scene
Middle- say what happened
End- reflect on what happened
Tip 5– learn the common mistakes from your country
Go to Google (or a different search engine) and type in “Most common mistakes for (language- e.g. Russian) speakers learning English” and find out what mistakes are common from your first language.


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