Band 9 Speaking


Here is some of the great vocabulary that Shruti used in our IELTS mock test. 

Make sure = make certain
✅ “I try and just make sure that I eat enough vegetables and fruits during the day.”

To come naturally = be easily accomplished
✅ “… that’s not something that would have come naturally to me when I was younger.”

Keep an eye on = keep under careful observation
✅ “As I’ve grown older, it’s definitely something I keep an eye on.”

I’m not one to… = I’m not the kind of person who…
✅ “I’m not one to get 10,000 steps in during a day- that’s not me.”

Aerial arts = dance and acrobatics hanging in the air
✅ “I do aerial arts.”

The thing with = an important characteristic to know
✅ “The thing with youngsters is that usually they have a lot more energy.”

Waste energy= use energy in unimportant ways
✅ “I would say, don’t waste that energy by just sitting and watching TV.”

Stick to it = keep doing the activity
✅ “Find something that makes you feel like you’ve had a good time, and just stick to it.”

For the most part = usually
✅ “Yes, I guess for the most part I could stay concentrated…”

To act out = perform a narrative/ behave badly
✅ “I was quite easily distracted… if someone was acting out a little bit.”

A goody two-shoes = a well-behaved person (derogatory)
✅ “I was quite a goody two-shoes when I was a child.”

Look forward to something = be excited about something
✅ “…but then I also get to look forward to the weekend at the same time.”

A dose of harsh reality = unpleasant truths
✅ “[Mondays] are a dose of harsh reality after a nice weekend of relaxing.”

Out of solidarity = to show support
✅ “I’ll go for Mondays out of solidarity.”

Come to mind = occur to me
✅ “Nothing is coming to mind right now.”

An excessive amount of time = a long time
✅ “I probably just browse the internet for an excessive amount of time.”

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