IELTS Speaking 8.5 from Vietnam


Here is some of the great vocabulary that Phuc used in our IELTS mock test. 

Currently, I’m a/an ____
✅ “Currently, I’m a teacher at IELTS Fighter”

Present Perfect Continuous + for (duration)
✅ “I’ve been doing so for the last couple of months”

Spark passion = motivate me
✅ “It’s absolutely my headteacher who has sparked the passion in me”

To believe in yourself = have confidence
✅ “… to believe more in myself and work my ass off”

A tropical nation = a tropical country
✅ “Vietnam is a tropical nation”

The pitter patter of the rain = the sound of rain
✅ “I love the pitter patter of the rain”

Torrential rain = heavy rain
✅ “I’ve never had a plan cancelled due to torrential rain”

Without a doubt = definitely
✅ “Without a doubt, [I am an ambitious person]”

Keeping moving = proceeding towards a goal
✅ “I think, I am always keeping moving towards the top”

Carve a niche = to create a secure position
✅ “I want to carve a niche for myself at this company”

Move up the ladder = advance in career
✅ “… to move up the ladder in the next few years”

Have a change of heart = a different opinion
✅ “However, as time went by, I had a change of heart”

To turn + age = to become + age
✅ “… when you turn 18”

To experience life first hand = doing things by yourself
✅ “I think it’s a wonderful thing to experience life first hand”

Face obstacles = encounter difficulties
✅ “Although you can face obstacles in life”

Be a better version of yourself = an improved self
✅ “At the end of the day, you will be a much better version of yourself”

The “in” thing = the popular thing to do
✅ “The “in” thing now is [to] relocate to
different cities and live on their own in search of work”

Of great importance = very important
✅ “So, communication skills skills is of great importance”

To cope with situations = deal effectively with something
✅ “… how to cope with situations that can be negative”

Anglophone nations = English-speaking countries
✅ “[Young Vietnamese people] are moving to anglophone nations”

To further one’s education = study at a higher level
✅ “They want to further their education
as well as experience a new life in a new country”

To make a difference = have an impact
✅ “They want to make a difference to not only themselves,
but also the world”

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Here are Phuc’s main tips for the IELTS test.

IELTS Speaking and Vocabulary

Tip 1: Focus on what you are studying and do a lot of practice.

Tip 2: Practise speaking about a range of different subjects.

Tip 3: Learn collocations (Phuc recommends “Collocations in Use“).

IETS Reading

Tip 1: Learn synonyms and do lots of practice tests.

Tip 2: Redo the practice tests again and again.

IELTS Writing

Tip 1: Write lots of practice essays and get these marked by experts.

Tip 2: Read articles related to common IELTS topics.

Tip 3: Practise writing under pressure.

Tip 4: Pay for some of your essays to be expertly assessed.

IELTS Listening

Tip 1: Understand the
test format.

Tip 2: Check your answers with the transcripts.


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