Instead of always saying “I think” in your IELTS test, try these alternatives!

1. I’d say… = I would say…

Used to emphasise that not everyone has the same opinion, but it’s what you think.

“I’d say close friends are more important than acquaintances.”

2. I suppose…

Used to emphasise that you’re not sure, making it easy to change your opinion after.

“I suppose many youngsters are addicted to smartphones. However, I know plenty of adults who are addicted as well.”

3. In my opinion… / In my view…

Used to emphasise that what you’re going to say is based on your viewpoint and
not everyone will agree – a bit like “I would say”.

“In my opinion, Johnny Depp made a better Willy Wonka than Timothée Chalamet.”

4. I guess…

Used to show uncertainty in your opinion – more casual than “I suppose”.

“I guess people who wake up earlier might be more productive.”

5. I reckon…

Used in British & Australian English – informal but more confident than “I think”.

“I reckon people will have self-driving cars in the future.”

6. Say nothing at all – just give your opinion!

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