5 Advanced Synonyms for Advantage/ Disadvantage Essays

Here are five advanced synonyms you can use in your Advantage/ Disadvantage Essays

1. Instead of constantly writing “advantages” you can use “benefits”.

  • There are many benefits to having children later in life.


2. Instead of always writing “disadvantages we can use the word “drawbacks.

  • There are plenty of drawbacks of having children later in life.


3. Instead of saying “big advantage or “big disadvantage we can use significant advantage/ disadvantage”.

  • One of the most significant advantages of having children later in life is that you have more time to develop your career before starting a family.


4. Instead of copying the word “outweigh” from the question, use the word “exceed”.

  • I would argue that the benefits exceed the drawbacks.


5. Instead of saying “understand”, you can say “acknowledge”.

  • While I acknowledge that there are many drawbacks to having children earlier in life, I would argue that the benefits are more significant.

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A list of 5 synonyms for Advantage/ Disadvantage Essays in IELTS Writing

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