25 Commonly Confused Words

“Lend” means to give something to someone (to be used for a period of time and then returned). “Borrow” means to take something that belongs to someone else (for a period of time and then return it).
“Argue” means a fight with words. “Discuss” means to have a conversation with someone about a serious topic.
“Breath” is the noun and “breathe” is the verb.
“Steal” focuses on the object or the thing which is taken. “Rob” focuses on the victim of the crime.
“Hope” mainly expresses a desire that is possible or likely to happen. “Wish” usually expresses a desire that is impossible or unlikely to happen.
We usually use an adjective after “feel” and a noun after “feel like”

“Advice” is the noun form. “Advise” is the verb form.

You can’t lose a bus.

“Priceless” means very expensive. “Worthless” means very that something is not worth much money.
We usually use “watch” for things that move and require our attention (like a football match). We usually use “look at” for things that stay still (like a painting)
“Currently” means “now, at the present moment.” “Actually” means “in reality,”
“Oral” refers to your mouth. “Aural” refers to your ears.
“Stationary” means unmoving. “Stationery” refers to things like pens, rulers, erasers, etc.
A ‘complement’ is something that completes something else in some way. But, ‘compliment’ is a courteous remark that expresses admiration.
“fewer” is used to refer to number among things that are counted. “Less” is used to refer to quantity or amount among things that are measured.
When “time” refers to the amount of seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc. it is uncountable. When “time” means “occurrences” it is countable.
Affect is usually a verb meaning “to produce an effect upon,”. Effect is usually a noun meaning “a change that results when something is done or happens,”.
To avoid is to not go near something that is currently happening. To prevent is to stop something from existing or happening altogether.
“Conscientious” is thorough, careful, or vigilant. It implies a desire to do a task well. “Conscious” is alert, awake.
“Continuously” describes an action that happens without ceasing. “Continually” describes an action that recurs frequently or regularly.
A “discovery” is recognising something that already exists for the first time. An “invention” is creating something totally new with one’s own ideas and development.
“Raise” is transitive (it must have a direct object). “Rise” is intransitive (no direct object).
“Refuse” means “not to accept”. “Deny” To deny meaning to declare untrue or non-existent or to disavow or to repudiate.
“Economic” is related to the economy. “Economical” refers to something that is cheap or saves you money.
“Cure” usually refers to a complete restoration of health. “Treatment” refers to a process that leads to an improvement in health, but may not include the complete elimination of disease.

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