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Phrasal Verbs for IELTS

Phrasal verbs are very useful for the IELTS exam because they can help us to get a higher score for Lexical Resource. This is because phrasal verbs are seen as being “idiomatic vocabulary“, which you need for a band 7+. In this lesson, we look at some useful phrasal verbs for IELTS speaking, as well as some effective ways to learn phrasal verbs.

How to learn phrasal verbs for IELTS

We have found three methods to learn phrasal verbs effectively. The three methods are:

A great way to learn phrasal verbs is to read stories and speaking part 2 answers which contain a lot of different phrasal verbs. There is a part 2 model answer that contains lots of phrasal verbs below. 

You can also Google “Phrasal Verb Stories” to get lots of free resources. 

A good way to learn phrasal verbs is to simply circle new phrasal verbs in texts that you read. For example, when you read news articles, model essays, or books, simply circle any new phrasal verbs that you come across. Even better, is to write these new phrasal verbs in your vocabulary book. 

A great way to learn new phrasal verbs is to watch YouTube videos on common IELTS topics. We recommend videos by Keith at English Speaking Success. He has a great playlist where he teaches you vocabulary for common IELTS topics- it’s full of useful phrasal verbs for the IELTS test!

Phrasal Verb Practice 1: Model Part 2 Answer

Phrasal Verb Practice 2: Model Part 2 Answer

Phrasal Verb Practice 3: Model Part 2 Answer

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