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You never know what you’ll be asked in your IELTS speaking test. However, 2 recent topics are Concentration and Ice-Cream.


  1. Could you stay focused in class when you were a child?
  2. What do you do to help you concentrate?
  3. Is it difficult for you to stay focused on something?
  4. When do you need to be focused?


Concentration Vocabulary:

  1. Easily Distracted:

    • Definition: Getting distracted quickly and losing focus.
    • Example Sentence: “I get easily distracted by my mobile when I’m trying to focus on my work.”
  2. Often Procrastinate:

    • Definition: Often delaying doing something that has to be done.
    • Example Sentence: “I often procrastinate and leave my work till the last second.”
  3. For Sustained Periods of Time:

    • Definition: Constantly for a long time.
    • Example Sentence: “I find it difficult to study for sustained periods of time.”
  4. Repetitive Mundane Tasks:

    • Definition: Boring tasks done again and again.
    • Example Sentence: “I find it difficult to do repetitive mundane tasks for sustained periods of time without getting distracted.”
  5. Stay Engaged:

    • Definition: To stay interested.
    • Example Sentence: “At school, I found it difficult to stay engaged in math class.”



  1. Do you like eating ice-cream?
  2. Did you eat ice-cream when you were a child?
  3. Are there any shops selling ice-cream near the place where you live?
  4. Can you make ice-cream by yourself?


Ice Cream Vocabulary:

  1. I’m Not Really Into:

    • Definition: Not really liking something.
    • Example Sentence: “I’m not really into eating desserts.”
  2. I’m a Big Fan Of:

    • Definition: Really liking something.
    • Example Sentence: “I’m a big fan of eating ice cream when I binge on Netflix series.”
  3. I Try to Avoid:

    • Definition: Trying not to do something.
    • Example Sentence: “I try to avoid too much sugar in my diet.”
  4. Sweet Tooth:

    • Definition: Liking sweet things.
    • Example Sentence: “I’ve got a sweet tooth and enjoy all flavors of ice cream.”
  5. To Be Able to Live Without:

    • Definition: Not needing something in your life.
    • Example Sentence: “Overall, I don’t have a sweet tooth and could live without eating ice cream.”

IELTS Model Answers: Band 8/9 Model Speaking Answers


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