5 Advanced Phrases for Discussion Essays

In IELTS Writing, there are five question types: Agree/Disagree Questions, Advantage/ Disadvantage Questions, Discussion Questions, Double Questions, and Direct Questions.

Discussion questions are when the question asks you to “Discuss both views and give your own opinion”. Here are 5 phrases you can use for discussion questions.

1. Point Out

You can use the word “point out” to show opinions.

“Teachers point out that many students become fascinated in history class.”

2. Point of view

Instead of writing “opinion” we can write “point of view”.

“Some people share the point of view that history should not be taught in schools.”

3. Bear in mind

“bear in mind” means to “to consider”. 

“I personally believe that history should be taught in schools, but it’s important to bear in mind that other subjects are also equally important.”

4. In favour of

Instead of always writing “in support of”, we can write “in favour of”.

”There are good arguments in favour of replacing history for other subjects which are more relevant to children’s lives.”

5. All in all

Instead of saying “In general”, we can write “All in all”.

All in all, I would argue that history should be taught in schools”.



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