10 Advanced Phrasal Verbs for WOW your IELTS Examiner!

1. Carry out- to conduct or perform a task or research

Scientists are carrying out extensive research to better understand the effects of climate change.

Before implementing a new policy, it is of paramount importance to carry out a thorough analysis of its potential impact.

2. Point out – to draw attention or highlight something

Teachers need to point out the benefits of regular exercise in improving cognitive function.

It is of paramount importance to point out the potential risks associated with excessive social media usage.

3. Figure out– to solve a problem or understand something

In order to promote sustainable development, governments need to figure out how to balance economic growth with environmental preservation.

One of the key challenges in the healthcare sector is to figure out how to provide affordable and accessible services for everyone.

4. Put forward- to propose an idea, suggestion, or argument

The students put forward a compelling argument in favour of renewable energy.

Many experts have put forward the idea that investing in renewable energy can lead to both environmental sustainability and economic growth.

5. Take into account– to consider or include certain factors

City authorities ought to take into account the cultural heritage and historical importance of the building.

It is vital to take into account whether the building is safe or not for residents who live nearby.

6. Make up– to compensate for something or to create a story or an excuse

Many parents give their children a lot of gifts to make up for not being present in their lives. 

Children who are spoiled from a young age are more likely to make up stories to get their own way.

7. Give rise to– to create a particular situation or reaction

The rapid growth of social media has given rise to new challenges regarding online privacy and security.

Advances in AI have given rise to concerns about job losses and the need for re-skilling.

8. Lead to– to result in something

Showering young children with gifts can lead to them becoming unappreciative and spoiled.

Her investigations ultimately led to the discovery of the missing documents

9. Stem from– to have a specific cause or origin

The rise in youth crime can often stem from a lack of educational opportunities and socioeconomic disadvantages.

Mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, can stem from the stress of exams.

10. Culminate in– to describe the process of reaching a significant point or event after a series of developments

Long-term investments in education and skill development culminate in a highly educated workforce and economic prosperity.

Years of hard work and dedication culminated in her winning the championship.

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