Which Task Should You Do First In IELTS Writing?

The 2 methods we suggest

1. Read Task 2 first, but write Task 1 first

When you start the IELTS writing test, read the question for the Task 2 essay first. After that, turn to Task 1 and start writing your answer for Task 1. If you do this, you will being to think of ideas for your IELTS essay while you write your Task 1 answer. 

2. Write Task 2 first

Task 2 is worth double your task 1 score. If you do Task 2 first, you will be sure to have finished Task 2. Also, in Task 1, you often get a higher score for writing more details in your letter or report (this is not the case in Task 2). Because of this, you should aim to finish Task 2 within 35 minutes so that you have as much time as possible to cover as many details as you can in your Task 1 answer. 

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