Vocabulary that you shouldn't use in Task 1

IELTS vocabulary you shouldn’t use!

There is a lot of IELTS vocabulary that is taught on preparation sites that sounds sophisticated, but is inappropriate for IELTS. In this lesson, we’ll show you some vocabulary that we suggest that you stay away from during your IELTS preparation. Oh, and there is quiz below with some words that we think you should be using. 

Words that are too complicated

  • vertex
  • nadir
  • zenith
  • acme
  • immutable
  • spire
  • obelisk
  • palpitate
  • oscillate
  • vacillate
  • delineate

Words that are not in the correct context

  • nose-dive
  • boom
  • rock-bottom
  • go into free fall
  • trifling
  • deteriorate
  • slum frantically
  • fall off a cliff

Words that are too emotional

  • monumental 
  • fabulous
  • incredible
  • stunning
  • unfortunate
  • whopping
  • ginormous
  • mammoth

To learn more about what kind of IELTS vocabulary you should use in Task 1, try the quiz below and have a look at our Academic IELTS Writing Course

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