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The best way to learn IELTS synonyms

Using synonyms is very important in IELTS. However, synonyms can be tricky to learn. In this lesson, we look at 3 ways to learn synonyms, and we also have 3 quizzes to help you learn some useful synonyms before your IELTS test. 

How to learn synonyms

We have found three methods to learn synonyms effectively. The three methods are:

When you write the introduction to an essay, you have to use paraphrasing skills and synonyms to introduce the topic. This is great practice for using synonyms and will help you prepare for your IELTS writing test. We suggest that you look at a list of IELTS essay questions and write the introduction for as many as you can. 

You can find a list of IELTS essay topics here.

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It’s a good idea to have a teacher look over your writing to make sure that you are using the correct synonyms. 

A good way to learn synonyms is to read IELTS essays written by teachers or high-level students. What you can do is to circle all of the different synonyms that the writer uses. This will help you to learn the appropriate context for different synonyms. 

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When your teacher shows you a new word, ask them if there are any synonyms for this word. If you do this for long enough, you are bound to learn a lot of useful synonyms. 

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