Speaking Test + Useful Tips


1. Practice with IELTS podcasts

Rae Chelle recommends Ben Worthington’s IELTS podcast. You can find practice speaking tests which resemble the real exam. 

2. Book your exam to force you to study

If you book your test, you’ll be forced to knuckle down and study. You can’t procrastinate any longer because you know your test is coming soon. Rae Chelle gave herself one month to prepare for the IELTS test. She says “You’ll never feel totally ready, so just book it!” 

3. Learn lots of vocabulary

Rae Chelle emphasises reading books and watching Netflix (with subtitles) as the best way to learn new vocabulary.

4. Take one part of the exam at a time

Don’t try to prepare for all parts of the exam at the same time. Instead, focus on one part of the exam at a time. For example, Rae Chelle spent the first week practicing for the listening test. After that, she began her speaking practice. She spent one week on each part of the test.

5. Work your weaknesses

Work out which part of the IELTS you find most difficult and spend more time preparing for that test. For example, Rae Chelle felt that reading was the most difficult so she spent more time focusing on her reading.

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